Some selected projects:

NextSearch @

Duration: 5 Months

I developed an existing Flask app into a well-documented OpenAPI backend with JWT-Authorization and Websocket-Streaming of LLM requests and improved existing sourcing of information within the apps RAG-setup

Example: (an instance used by the town Falkensee to promote itself and answer questions about itself)

Used tools: Docker-Compose, Kubernetes, Python, Pydantic, Elasticsearch, LangChain, Flask, Flask-OpenAPI3, React, Kibana, Grafana Loki

Mock-IoT-Device @

Duration: 2 Months

(Subproject of IIoT-project ‘Digitale Weiche 2’)

I created a container-based IoT device mock via Python and LXC/LXD to help develop the IIoT-backend and test the project concept overall.

Used tools: LXD/LXC, Python, Bash, Curl, SSH, Ubuntu, Snap

Payview-App @

Duration: 3 Months

I developed a Web App to sign up for IHP-workshops including online payment and verification e-mail.

Used tools: PHP, LDAP, Adldap2, HTML5, CSS, RHEL, Deutsche Bank Banking-API

REST-API für Active Directory access in Intranet-Single-Page-Applications @

Duration: 1 Month

I developed a REST-API to access user informations like profile picture, e-mail address, title and membership to groups and organizations so apps can easily incorporate those informations into their business logic.

The documentation of the microservice is entirely created from it’s own source code: Possible routes and their parameters using Python-decorators and introspection of the function’s type-annotations.

Used tools: Gunicorn, Flask, Docker, python-ldap3, JWT, RHEL